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The two ugly faces of HTML generation

There are two quite different reasons for implementing HTML generation on a website. The first reason is to insert dynamic content, content that comes from a database or is algorithmically generated, into pages. The second reason is templating; to ensure that standard, site-wide parts of the HTML, such as headers and footers, are pulled from a single source. The goal of the first is to have a dynamic, database-driven site. The goal of the second is to avoid having to edit tens, or hundreds, of HTML files when the site design changes, and to avoid copy-and-paste coding.

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Why your Flash website sucks

your_flash_website_sucksThis all-Flash interface (screenshot) is a complete reimplementation of the WordPress blog interface; One single Flash widget fills the entire browser page, and implements not only the home page, but categories, comments (including posting), and article pages. It sounds like the author intends to use it to replace the HTML interface to his blog entirely. It’s a great example of why you should never build an entire website purely in Flash.

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Strategically placed fig leaves

Hank Williams makes an excellent point about the restriction that apps on the iPhone may not run in the background.

[the] issue [of resource limiting applications] has been dealt with in Unix, and with real time systems for many years.

In short, this argument is a strategically placed fig leaf, which is easily blown away.

Previously, I thought the no background applications restriction was a good call on Apple’s part. This article totally changed my mind. Williams is right; and Apple will have to lift this restriction before long, or risk being overtaken Android and others.