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Three maps of North America

Colin Woodard’s “Up in Arms” breaks down North America into eleven “nations” or regions with distinct attitudes towards violence, gun control, and capital punishment, tracing those differences back to the historical origins of the first groups to settle there. Plus it comes with a nifty map.

Neil Freeman’s Electoral College Reform map is now on sale. I’m still wondering what happens to the boundaries of his fifty new states when the population centers drift.

And this 1879 railway map of the Chicago to San Francisco Burlington Railroad is pretty neat too.

Dating and demographics

Why There Are No Girls In San Francisco vs. Where Are The Men in San Francisco explore both sides of our particular dating scene. I’m sure both sides could find something to lament in this National Geographic map from a few years back:


After helping one friend usher random drunk belligerent frat boy douche-bags out of her housewarming party last night, and talking to another friend at three A.M. while she waited for San Francisco General Hospital to treat her Australian houseguest for injuries sustained in a North Beach bar brawl, I’m thinking that purple dot is quite a liability for our fair 7×7.