Eat when I’m hungry and drink when I’m dry

A friend asked me in email, “What’s your mental state like?”

There’s not much on my mind… I am more or less living between yesterday and two or three days from now.  I don’t worry about life back home. All my belongings fit in an airplane carry-on bag. If anything sucks, I just leave the hostel or the city or the museum or the room or stop talking to the people who suck and do something else. I take pictures of things that I think look cool, and draw pictures when there’s a quiet moment.

Sometimes I meet cool people and hang out with them. Other times I’m all by myself and only speak when I stumble through a few phrases of the local language. Sometimes there’s a fantastic place to eat for cheap, other times food is yogurt and bread from the corner store.

Oh, and I eat ice cream every day.