Kelto Hit Li

I was prepared for (the somewhat inappropriately named) “chinglish” everywhere — both in China and in Hong Kong. Badly worded, mispunctuated, or computer translated menus, signs, and warnings are so rampant that it soon stopped being funny, and by now it’s just faded into the background. I half expect find Myself write badly English at Blog to start ,lucky avoid such fate however. I’ve also avoided eating some delicious-sounding offerings like “Peanut glass fried.”

But the knock-off brands are funnier. I’m sure you’re aware of the brands “AEBRCOIEMBR & FIGTH,” and “TMMOY HFLIGRE,” and, today, I saw the famous Japanese brand Sanrio’s feline mascot we all know and love, flanked by the label “KELTO HIT LI.”