Let’s get out of this country

I’m about to take an eleven-week trip to Hong Kong, Guilin (in China), Turkey, Greece, Berlin, and maybe Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Prague, Budapest, and who knows where else. I’ll be posting updates for my friends, when I can, under the travelog category. If you don’t know me and are subscribed because you found one of my writings on Ye Olde Series of Tubes, you might consider re-subscribing just to my essays or blurbs feeds. If you’re a friend and just want to follow my travelings, and ignore any computer-related dribblings, subscribe to my travelog feed.

Photos, when I can upload them, will be here, and that will also have it’s own feed. This trip is something of an experiment in extreme minimal traveling — I’m taking just a 2000 in2 / 33 liter North Face Surge, which is, by the way, the most awesomest backpack ever. I always take a picture of everything I’m taking.

No fair breaking in to my apartment! My housemates will still be there.

And no fair having any fun while I’m gone. Fun includes, but is not limited to:

  • having drunk, nekkid parties, or really any parties at all
  • having warm, sunny San Francisco weather (certainly the least likely of the bunch)

If anyone knows anyone in any of these places, or is going to be in any of those places, drop me an email and let’s par-tay. Also, if anyone wants to swap their place in Berlin for mine for the last part of July, or has a vacation rental / sublet in Berlin for the last part of July, let me know.