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San Francisco Walkability and other infographics

This map of San Francisco’s “Walkability” by Lee Byron uses a similar blobby algorithm to The Neighborhood Project.

I want one of his Centerclocks for my wall. He’s also got a nifty Rivers of the World map, and he’s the guy behind the NY Times’ Olympic Medals Cartogram and Presidential Polling graphic (which thankfully shows Obama in the lead in a majority of the polls).

“Yes we can”

Maybe he’s just a politician, and maybe he’s not that different from Hillary Clinton. But all rationalizations aside, Barack Obama is an inspiration to a lot of people. As an anonymous former Clinton administration official was quoted in the New Yorker:

When I’m with her, I feel she wants to impress me. When I’m with him, I feel he wants to know what I have to offer him.

Sounds an awful lot like another inspiring president.