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What a DVCS gets you (definitely)

Bill de hÓra’s What a DVCS gets you (maybe) has one of the clearest explanations of why DVCS is superior to centralized VCS:

But once you accept this model of having your sandbox under version control, a lot of the pain (and fear) of dealing with branches evaporates. Passing around changesets and patches becomes normal and logical.

After using a DVCS for years (Codeville), I don’t think there’s any need for “maybe” in this post’s title, either. DVCS is superior, plain and simple.

A Codeville user speaks

Fraser Speirs has an informative post about Git which concludes with:

I don’t hear anything about arch, monotone, BitKeeper, codeville, SVK or darcs from anywhere except the nerdiest of SCM nerds.

Git has also been getting attention from Michael Tsai, John Gruber, and Digital Web.

I’m not a SCM nerd. I’ve never used Git, mostly because I’ve never had the time to check it out. But I am a Codeville user, and here are my thoughts about it.

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