How to not hire a programmer

Here are some more snippets from pseudo-spam job offers. I’ll leave off the names to protect the incompetent.

We have a dedicated practice team which works on Web2.0 domain, open source technologies like AJAX, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Apollo and Silverlight.

Um, guys, AJAX is a marketing buzzword that refers to web-design practices, not any actual software. Neither Apollo nor Silverlight are open source. Perl and Ruby? Nothing about those languages are particularly Web 2.0. Good try, though, you managed to get seven buzzwords in one sentence.

Another email promised the opportunity to work on

a customized user interface using DOS and X-Windows on Linux

DOS on Linux. Sweet. Of course, I’m more of an PDP-11 on Mac OS X kinda guy.

And then there was this one:

Position: C++ Perl Unix Developer
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Cool! I’ll just drive my Car Bicycle Train to Sunnyvale every day and happily work there in my Office Cubicle, sitting at my Desk Couch, working on my Computer Refrigerator, on their C++ Perl Unix project.