Announcing FlakeNot

For the last few months, Ross and I have been working on FlakeNot.

FlakeNot keeps track of all your invitations in a single place. To sign up, forward pretty much any email with a date and a time in it to FlakeNot will create an account for you and remember all the events you send it.

Once you’ve forwarded some events, send email to and you’ll get an email with your upcoming events. And visit to see your calendar on the web.

That’s it. No fancy logo. No social network, no profile photo. No Flash applet. No Google Maps mash-up. No video chatting with random strangers. Just a quick, simple way to keep track of all your invitations, so you can get out there in the real world and spend time with your real friends.

Yes, it works with Evites and Facebook invites. Yes, there’s a version of the site optimized for your Android/iPhone/Palm Pre. Yes, we plan to support Google calendar, write a Facebook application, and integrate with iCal. Yes, yes, yes.