Farscape’s loose ends

I just rewatched Farscape’s Peacekeeper Wars, the miniseries that followed the fourth season. The show was intended to run for five seasons, and the story was left unfinished after the fourth. The miniseries tried to finish up the story, but it left a lot of loose ends. (Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched all of Farscape — the rest of this post contains some major spoilers.)

  • What happened to Noranti and the band of a hundred Eidolons? Did she and they escape?
  • What was Sikozu’s “last mission” for the Scarrans? Did she complete it? Did Grunschleg help?
  • In the end of the fourth season, it was revealed that Sikozu was a bionoid, and an agent working for the Kalish resistance against the Scarrans. How does this fit with her being a Scarran spy?
  • Grayza’s child is almost certainly Crichton’s. In the show’s mythology, both of Crichton’s children may have latent genetic knowledge of wormholes, so the ability to create wormhole weapons may still exist. Or did Einstein remove that knowledge from both children as well as Crichton?
  • Did Einstein remove the tape recorder Crichton left at Serenity Base with wormhole knowledge on it? Or does Earth now possess this dangerous knowledge too?
  • Scorpius knows quite a bit about wormholes — perhaps not enough to create a weapon, but close. Did Einstein remove that knowledge from Scorpius too?
  • Did Rygel return to unseat Bishan and claim his throne? The threat of Scarran conquest was what prompted Bishan to contact Rygel, but with the war over, how would Rygel return? And without the help of Crichton, Aerin or D’Argo, how would he reclaim his empire?
  • Did Chi’ana join her brother in the Nebari resistance?