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“The alphabet remains”

Hermann Zapf, circa 1967:

Autocomposition, and computerized composition are already with us. Designing types and letters for the new technology will increasingly involve mathematics and the laws of electronics…. Tradition and progress must be logically united. Does the new technology mean the serious lettering artist will be dispensable? No. The alphabet remains. But we will have new tasks to learn. But in learning them, we must take time to observe the world around us, and remember above all the artist’s challenge: to ensure, despite technology and mass production, that beauty is never lost.

The Art of Hermann Zapf from Johnny Dib on Vimeo.

Another skill to omit from résumés

Ryan W is done building Facebook apps:

Clients don’t care that it was Facebook (not you) who broke the feature that was working yesterday, and they don’t care that what you said you could do two months ago can no longer be done because Facebook decided to change the platform (again).

I built a (very simple) Facebook app for a client back in March, and it left exactly the same bitter taste in my mouth.